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I'm Sanna Pelliccioni, a Finnish illustrator, graphic designer and children's author living in Helsinki. I love illustrating picture books and poems and making graphic design for book covers and my own books. I write for children and young people. I'm mostly known for my Onni-poika picture book series which started in 2007.

I'm collaborating with authors writing for children and young people and work with many Finnish editors. Some of my books are translated to Chinese, Corean, Arabic, English and Swedish.


I like organizing workshops and producing exhibitions connected to my books in libraries, schools and art galleries.

I illustrate with a lot of techniques, so far my favourite is collage and mixed techniques. I've studied arts, illustration and graphic design in the University of Macerata, Italy and in Pekka Halonen Institute.

Member of

Kuvittajat ry , Finnish Illustrators

Kirjailijaliitto, The Union of Finnish Writers

Nuorisokirjailijat, The Finnish Union of Authors Writing for Children and Youth

Tietokirjailijat, The Association of Finnish Non-fiction Writers

FOT,  Freelance Grafic Designers

Curated exhibitions and prizes

Brratislava Biennale Plaque award, 2023

Runeberg Junior finalist, Finland, 2021

Rudolf Koivu Honorabile Mention, Finland, 2021
Punni Credit, Finland, 2020

Bratislava Biennale, 2021

Third price in Finnish Illustration Triennale, Mikkeli, 2020

Adventure price for illustrations, Pertsa ja Kilu -seura, Finland, 2019

Punni Credit, Finland, 2019

Selection of most beautiful books, Finland, 2019

Bratislava Biennale, 2019

Mikkeli Illustration Triennale, Finland 2017

Tallinna Illustration Biennale, Estonia, 2017

Mikkeli Illustration Triennale, 2014

Outstanding Picture Books for Children and Young People, 2012

CJ Picture Book Exhibition, Corea, 2009

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